The ultimate online and live membership program for the off road enthusiast.  Your one-stop off road membership includes online courses, entertainment, special access to in person and virtual events, industry discounts & much more.

The ultimate online and live membership program for the off road enthusiast.  Your one-stop off road membership includes online courses, entertainment, special access to in person and virtual events, industry discounts & much more.
Join YouTube sensation & TV personalities
Join YouTube sensation & TV personalities
Hello, and welcome to E3 Off Road. 
I’m Brittany Williams, with my off roader husband Kevin, and our dog Jelly.  E3 OffRoad is something we’ve wanted to do for the off road community for a long time.  We get so many questions, from basic to extreme and we’re asked to do videos to teach about it.   So here we are…  deeply connected to the ever-growing world of off roading and now giving back.
Our goal for E3 OffRoad is to be a one-stop-shop for anything and everything off road related.  

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No contracts. No risk. No questions asked.  
Here are just a few examples of all the benefits in the program...
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  • “Out On The Trail" E3 OffRoad Magazine
  • Online Training Courses, Videos 
  • Member Day Events on Trails 
  • Industry and E3 Members Calendar
  • E3TV Live Streaming Private Channel
  • 15% OFF Yearly Conferences and Events
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  • Everything Included in Standard PLUS:
  • New Content, Courses, Magazines and Events Every Month
  • Advanced 12 Courses and 54 Lessons
  • Monthly E3 OffRoad Interactive Magazine
  • 35% Discounts OFF all Events
  • Behind the Scenes Videos and Extras
  •  E3 Members Calendar - Kevin & Brittany  Travel Included
  • Live Experts Group Calls
  • Live Q&A Calls with Kevin & Brittany
  • E3TV Live Streaming TV Channel
  • Live Webinar with Industry Pros
  • Online Library-Treasure Trove, Maps, Trails, Tools, Tips and More
  • Weekly Topic Talk Email
  • Live In-Person Events Hosted by Kevin & Brittany 
  • Yearly Product Gift Box
  • Monthly Release of New Courses and Lessons
  • Massive Product Discounts from E3 Partners
  • And so Much More!
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  • Everything Included in Standard & Premium PLUS:
  • 50% OFF Yearly International Conferences
  • Priority Placement Questions for Live Calls, Streams and Webinars 
  • Dedicated Private Concierge Priority Access to Experts, Coaches and Team
  • Private Exclusive Luxury Travel Trips with  Industry Pros
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Here are a few questions we get asked a lot ...
Is E3 OffRoad a forum? 
E3 OffRoad is a membership program. There's a lot of negativity and misinformation in forums. E3 is the place for legitimate, filtered, vetted information from industry professionals. It’s an entire program of online content and courses from, not necessarily us, but industry professionals that know what they're talking about.  
Who are the industry professionals and experts?
E3 OffRoad isn’t just Jeeps. It’s side-by-sides, Toyota's, Nissan's, pickups, anything off road. Professionals from different sectors like buggies, side by sides, recovery, safety, gear, parks and wildlife AND they know what they're talking about.  
How can we participate in content ideas and get questions answered?
Email us if you have questions for the Q and A, podcasts or webinars. We will answer it or get with a professional to answer your question personally or in video.
Why is the membership monthly?
The unique feature of E3 is that it never ends. We share new training, new laws, the latest equipment, updates and more. Much of the activity and live events happen monthly. You will always have new, fresh content and activities to take advantage of. 
Why does it cost any money at all?
Two reasons. First, we want E3 to enrich the entire off roading community. A portion of all memberships goes to Hero for a Day, to help support disabled veterans. It's hugely important to Kevin and I and a lot of you. Two, this isn't just Kevin and I. We have a team of people across the nation bringing you vetted, accurate information.  
How is the E3 OffRoad membership both live and online?
We've talked about all of the online entertainment and education. We've got live calls, live expert interviews, webinars, trail rides, meet and greets, conferences and member only events and much, much, much, more. 
How often will new content be released?
Weekly and monthly we'll release courses, podcasts, audio messages, and we also have an E3 OffRoad TV series, which if you don't know what E3 TV is; it's our own TV series with new episodes monthly.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?
E3 is a no obligation program and you can cancel at any time. If the membership isn't fulfilling all your needs, you can cancel anytime. We're here to help each other, so send us a message. We’d like to know why, so we can improve, but if you want to cancel, we'll cancel no problem.
Can I view a sample lesson?
Sure! Here's a lesson on "uphill basics" with veteran driver Rich Klein and Brittany Williams.  This is lesson 4 of 12 lessons in the course "Driving Techniques"
Now this might be a little more on the advanced side, but there are tons of courses that range from basic and newbies to this level of advanced courses.  There are 12 lessons in just this course.
E3 OffRoad is a proud supporter of Team Rubicon, donating a portion of every membership. Team Rubicon is an international disaster response nonprofit that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly provide relief to communities in need. Founded in 2010 with the express goal of quickly responding to large-scale disasters, Team Rubicon has deployed thousands of volunteers across the United States and the world to provide relief to communities in need. 
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