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A Membership Gets You Leading Top Class Education, Entertainment, Community and Support To Be The Best Offroader And Overlander That You Can Possibly Be...

E3 OffRoad and Overland Association empowers you to make the most of every off the highway adventure with family and friends and brings you peace of mind while doing it.

We provide education and entertainment to empower our members to discover and explore the world of off-roading and overlanding—saving you time, money, and headaches as you grow more comfortable with the off-roading and overland lifestyle.   


The ultimate online and live membership program for the off road enthusiast.  Your one-stop off road membership includes online courses, entertainment, special access to in person and virtual events, industry discounts & much more.
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Brandon Paddock - Berserker Offroad
Ken Crawford - Offroad Hub
Remi JLU - OffRoadHer
Eric Taylor - Trail Hunter USA
Eric Taylor - Trail Hunter USA
Girls Play Off-Road
Girls Play OffRoad
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Our goal for E3 OffRoad and Overland Association is to be a one-stop shop for anything and everything related for this exciting community.
We Guarantee Freakin' Amazing!
E3 OffRoad and E3 Overland  Association were built to make your off-road adventures a reality, and if we don’t deliver we want to know! We offer a full money-back guarantee during your first 30 days. We add new resources regularly, but if you don't feel empowered, educated, or entertained, just send an email to and we'll cancel your membership right away. We'll even let you keep access to the complimentary portion of the program.
No contracts. No risk. No questions asked.  

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National Conferences, Member-Only Events and Trail Rides Throughout the Country

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Being an industry leader in off-roading and overlanding, E3 has been able to negotiate unprecedented deals and benefits for you.

We bring you the best discounts, advance notice on new products, new product releases, cheaper stays, access to private and special sales, E3 member-only packages,  member-only education and content from the partners just to name a fraction of the "PARTNERS PROGRAM". 

Taking advantage of only 1 (ONE) partner deal can cover the cost of your E3 Membership for years. 

AND you still get the tremendous benefits of the entire E3 OffRoad and Overland program on top of it.

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Here are just a few examples of all the benefits in the program...
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Experience this extraordinary program with experts and content - and immerse yourself in the non-stop insights each world-class expert shares.

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No Questions Asked. No hard feelings on our part, either.

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Billed monthly, cancel anytime.

  • E3 Digital Magazine
  • Online Training Courses, Videos 
  • Member Day Events on Trails 
  • Industry and E3 Member Calendar
  • E3TV Live Streaming Private Channel
  • 15% OFF Conferences and Events

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Billed monthly, cancel anytime.

  • Everything Included in Standard PLUS:
  • Content, Courses, and Events
  • Dozens of Courses and Lessons
  • E3 Digital Interactive Magazine
  • 35% Discounts OFF all Events
  • Behind the Scenes Videos and Extras
  •  E3 Member Calendar
  • Live Experts Group Calls
  • Live Q&A Calls
  • E3TV Live Streaming TV Channel
  • Live Webinar with Industry Pros
  • Online Library, Maps, Trails, Tools, Tips and More
  • Topic Talks and Podcasts
  • Live-In-Person Events 
  • Regular Release of New Courses and Lessons
  • Massive Product Discounts from E3 Partners
  • And So Much More!

SAVE another 25% by joining the yearly program.

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Here are a few questions we get asked a lot ...
Is E3 OffRoad and Overland a forum? 
NO. E3 is a membership program. We are a place for legitimate, filtered, and vetted information from industry professionals and experts. There's a lot of negativity and misinformation in forums and we want E3 to be a strong community where members immediately know they’re supported and empowered. We have online courses, videos, expert interviews, webinars, articles, social networking tools, and so much more—all to help you connect with others and find exactly what you need.
Who are the industry professionals and experts?
E3 OffRoad and Overland aren't just Jeeps. It’s side-by-sides, Toyota's, Broncos, Nissan's, pickups—anything off-road. We bring in professionals and experts from different sectors to make sure there’s information and courses to fit your way of off-roading. You will find content from those who know about buggies, side-by-sides, recovery, safety, gear, parks, and wildlife—and at E3 you can be confident they know what they're talking about.
How can we participate in content ideas and get questions answered?
Email us if you have questions for the Q&A calls, podcasts, or webinars. We will make sure you get an answer or get with a professional to answer your question personally or in a video.
Why is the membership monthly?
The unique feature of E3 is that it never ends. We share new training, the latest equipment, industry updates, monthly digital live events, events on the trails… and so much more. There’s always something going on for you to look forward to!
Why does it cost any money at all?
Our mission is to empower, educate, and entertain, and in order to make sure you have the best information, we hire experts. Our E3 team includes our industry experts as well as videographers, photographers, customer experience experts, developers, writers, and more. Paid memberships enable us to invest in new tools, hire professionals, and create new programs to add value to your membership each and every month. 
How is the E3 OffRoad and Overland membership both live and online?
We've talked about all of the online entertainment and education. We've got live calls, live expert interviews, webinars, meet and greets, conferences, member-only trail events, and much, much, much, more.
How often will new content be released?
You can expect to see new things weekly and monthly! You will receive courses, podcasts, and videos regularly. And there are also opportunities to interact with other members to share ideas and connect as you’re planning your next adventure! We’ll send you emails regularly letting you know about new content on the platform and the new things going on within the membership.
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
E3 is a no obligation program. If the membership isn't fulfilling all your needs, you can cancel anytime. We're here to help, so send us a message. We’d like to know why, so we can improve, but if you want to cancel, we'll cancel no problem.
Can I view a lesson from one of your courses?
Absolutely! We get that you may just want to see what it’s all about. Here's a lesson on "Uphill Basics" with E3 OffRoad’s Brittany Williams and veteran driver Rich Klein. This is lesson 4 of 12 in the course "Driving Techniques." Keep in mind that this may be a little more on the advanced side—but there are tons of courses that range from basic and newbies to more advanced like this one.  
E3 OffRoad is a proud supporter of Team Rubicon, donating a portion of every monthly membership. Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. Founded following the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the organization unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, and kick ass civilian volunteers, to rapidly provide relief to communities in need. In 12 years, Team Rubicon has grown to more than 150,000 volunteers across the United States and has launched over 1,100 operations domestically and internationally.
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